There are so many places in India, which are seriously affected by mosquitoes and insects and annually a number of people die due to the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and other insects. There are some places in India where the disturbances of the mosquitoes are too much and which causes the death of so many people annually. HACKER has an advanced formula which causes almost no affect to human body but kills the mosquitoes & insects as well.

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  • Safety Guideline for the use
  • Never spray to people, pets, especially on face, eyes and the injuries.
  • Wash hands after using it.
  • Store it out of kids reach and in cool and dry place beneath 50°C, away from food.
  • Never throw to fire to avoid dangerous explosion as it is pressurized container.

Twin Tech is engaged in manufacturing HACKER Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer and HACKER Aerosol that combines a unique formula for repelling a large number of mosquitoes in any area. Specially developed by experts, HACKER Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer and HACKER spray comes with a powerful liquid formulation thus preventing many diseases caused by these insects. We offer the HACKER Mosquito repellent at highly affordable prices.


  • We offer power booster mosquito liquid vaporizer, mosquito repellent refill that keeps away the mosquito from the closed surrounding. The action of vaporizer is more instant. These vaporizers work effectively for about 45 nights, hence are cost effective. Our liquid vaporizers are free from highly toxic and hazardous contents.


  • We are manufacturers of hacker aerosol spray to protect you and your family from mosquitoes, insects and flies. Hacker Aerosol Spray is available in 225 ml, 400 ml, and 625 ml quantity.
  • Hacker Aerosol Spray kills unseen insects and mosquitoes in house and internal room areas. This product is very powerful to avoid insects which are the major cause for allergies, fever and infection like dysentery, stomach aches etc. It is a strong household aerosol spray insecticide. Spray in beneath the bed, behind the curtains and almirahs and other necessary places wherever mosquito and insects can get hidden to kill them and save your family and yourself from unwanted illness.
  • Hacker Aerosol Spray is free from highly toxic and hazardous contents. It is available in lemon fragrances as well.